International Verification Services

If you have an applicant that has spent time abroad, we can help verify their education and employment history. Where allowed by individual countries, we can also provide criminal record information.

A longer turnaround time is often anticipated for compiling these reports. A REXUS Account Manager can discuss International Verification options with you in greater detail.

As with all of our background screening services, you have instant access to our notes and compiled reports through our easy-to-use online client portal.

Email us at and a REXUS team member will contact you with more details.

Types of Services Available for International Verification Reporting:


International Education Verification

International Education Verification provides information regarding diplomas, college enrollment, or college degrees from schools or institutions. The type of degrees or certificates, graduation dates, attendance dates, and graduating honors are also reported.

International Employment Verfication

With International Employment Verification, contact is made with supervisors provided by the applicant to determine an overview of job performance, interpersonal relations, and areas of expertise. Contact is also made with the Human Resources department to verify dates of employment, job title, salary, and eligibility for rehire.

International Criminal Records Search

An International Criminal Records Search is contingent upon a country’s laws and regulations. For countries still reliant on paper files at local police departments, longer turnaround times are anticipated. Your REXUS Account Manager can provide more specific information.