Why Choose REXUS Background Screening Services

Every Employee is a Reflection of Your Company

Whether your applicant or existing employee is a member of your warehouse team or a CEO candidate, our background research is comprehensive, detailed, factual and meticulously prepared with professionalism, security and integrity. We believe every employee hired will reflect your company’s image and our job is empower you with all the information you need to make a well-informed hiring decision.

REXUS Goes Beyond Industry Best Practices in Background Screening

Statistics suggest that 72% of all negligent hiring lawsuits are lost by the employer. Thorough and professional due diligence in pre-employment background screening can mitigate risk, lower insurance rates and safeguard your company and employees.

Our background screening methods go beyond the industry norm of checking standard proprietary databases or DMV records. We focus on the complete picture of a prospective employee. We personally check references through extensive telephone interviews to determine an applicant’s past job performance, interpersonal relations, and areas of expertise. We partner directly with state repositories and utilize researchers at the municipal level in order to provide the most complete criminal reporting possible. We reach back further than the standard 3-years of Motor Vehicle Records and attempt to gather data as far back as 7-10 years where possible.

REXUS was founded in 1989 by a former FBI agent who was a Counter Terrorism Chief at FBI Headquarters. He went on to serve as a Security Director for a national bank. His mission for the REXUS Corporation is to “Support clients’ efforts to hire stable, productive workforces.” During his tenure with the FBI, he directed two background screening programs. From this experience, he established a higher standard of best practices that form the foundation of REXUS’ comprehensive background screening services.

Compliance is Critical

Companies that perform pre-employment screening services are governed by the FCRA, as well as the employers that use REXUS for background screening services. Depending on the type of position you are hiring for, there are many other governing bodies at both the federal and state level with their own compliance requirements (EEOC, FTC, DOT FMCSA, among others). We work to educate our clients of the numerous federal and state requirements to help ensure compliance at all times.

Cutting-edge Technology & Sophisticated Encryption are Paramount

REXUS utilizes cutting-edge technology with sophisticated encryption and security measures critical to our industry. Our online client portal provides you with a secure, easy-to-use, internet-accessible tool to submit, review and download background screening requests and finished reports. We also offer custom integration solutions for a variety of ATS (applicant tracking system) platforms.

Commitment to our Clients is Our Top Priority

REXUS believes that credentials matter, and our work ethic and standards reflect the highest in the industry. Sorting through the details of an applicant’s background requires sensitivity and the very best analytical skills. We work with hundreds of companies every year with a client retention rate of 96% year over year. In the past year alone we processed over 25,000 background screenings. Our highly-skilled and dedicated team of account managers provide you with everything you need to make the best hiring decisions.

With REXUS, there are no required contracts, start-up fees or minimums. Our prices are very competitive with other similar service providers. Whether you have one applicant to review or hundreds, we can help. We do offer discounts for larger volume requests.

Email us at rexus@rexus.com and a REXUS team member will contact you with more details.