REXUS Background Screening Solutions by Industry

For over 30 years, REXUS has provided national and international clients with the expert knowledge they need to make the best hiring decisions for their business. Our industry-best background screening services thoroughly evaluate potential employees in accordance with federal and state regulations.

We provide background check services for all types of industries. In addition, our decades of experience has provided us with an in depth knowledge of specific industries including Transportation, Finance, Manufacturing and Oil & Gas. As a result we have developed a set of benchmarks and best practices specific to screening applicants for these industries.

Our background screening process at REXUS is custom from the start. We begin with a client discussion to determine specific screening needs for both your industry, company and available positions. We do not have a “standard” report because there are so many variables in job qualifications, required interpersonal skills and technical skill sets.

We do not rely upon proprietary databases to compile our background data as they are often outdated and lack complete information. Instead, for criminal background checks, we partner directly with state repositories or utilize researchers at the municipal level in order to provide the most comprehensive reporting available. It’s part of what sets REXUS apart from other companies and in-house screening approaches.

REXUS provides you with the very best of technology and customer service. With our secure online client portal, clients have an easy-to-use, secure, internet-accessible tool to submit, review and download background screening requests and finished reports.

Our team of highly-skilled and dedicated account managers provides the research, knowledge and attention to detail necessary to help you make the best hiring decisions while also meeting compliance requirements with federal and state regulations.

At REXUS, there are no required contracts, start-up fees or minimums. Our prices are very competitive with other similar service providers. Whether you have one applicant to review or hundreds, we can help. We do offer discounts for larger volume requests.

REXUS utilizes cutting-edge technology with the most sophisticated encryption and security measures critical to our industry. We stay abreast of all compliance and regulation changes to keep our clients informed. We rely on up-to-the-minute information and in depth analysis to complete background screenings. Sorting through the details of an applicant’s background requires sensitivity and the very best analytical skills. Our expert team’s primary goal is to provide our clients with factual, verified information that will assist you in making sound hiring decisions.

Email us at and a REXUS team member will contact you with more details.

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